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Re: Oak Folding,Stapling, and maybe labeling party

>Earl Dafydd did a beautiful job on the Oak... He even sent it to me around
>Christmas....what is it now...the end of April?  I think that this is
>probably a record for sloooowww turnaround.... I'm going to have to think of
>something spiff to make up for this boner.... Hmmm... Is his excellency
>fighting in Crown Tourney? Hmm.....
>Anne Elizabeth

Well, it is a record, but not by much--at least one previous chronicler
created a 3-4 month delay :^)

Since Annie apologized in public, I would like to respond in public

The primary job of the Kingdom Chronicler is to put out the Acorn,
and to do it in a timely and effective fashion.  Kingdom Chronicler
is perhaps the toughest job in the kingdom, and Anne Elizabeth has
done a consistently excellent job throughout her tenure.  If the
Oak is late, so be it--the Acorn is on time, and that is the most
important thing by far.

So Annie, please don't whip yourself in public on the Oak's account--
you are doing a damn good job on the Acorn, and that is much higher
priority in my book.

Dafydd ap Gwystl,
Oak Editor

PS yes, I am likely fighting in Crown.