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Sorry, it bounces.

Dear, sweet Lady Ysabeau, I understand you did not get this message when 
I sent it the first time.  I'm so sorry, it seems the direct mail to you 

I appologize again:
> Lady Ysabeau, you ask:
> > When did you decide to make the sign for the Merry Rose?
> Oh, about a month ago, when I did it.
> > 
> > I was under the impression that *I* was making the Tavern sign for 
> > University.
> Really?  I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had so committed to the 
> project.  While I admit my memory is going (a side effect of letting 
> people hit me in the head) I don't remember your firm commitment on this,
> though I do remember sending you a post suggesting this very design.
> > 
> I am very sorry to have stolen your thunder.
> Abjectly
> Leifr Johansson