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Re: Broadside of a Board Vol II No. 4

Greetings from Tibor, to big chunks of the Laurel Kingdoms.

Just to amplify a few things of importance.

  Upcoming Meetings
       July 22,1995 -- Deadline for comments is 30 June. 
  Location to be decided at the April Meeting.

Confirmed for Pittsburgh, in AEthelmearc.

  Grand Council members Approved -- with a delay.
       At the Board meeting a list of additional members
  for the Grand Council was presented to the Board.  The
  Board did not at that time approve the list, saying that
  they wanted more information, not just a list of names.

The full report from the Grand Council Nominating Committee (which was
penned after the April Board meeting, and in time for the conference call on
April 24, 1995, is available on the World Wide Web and will be available for
FTP.  At roughly 17 printed pages, it is too long to post.  You can get it
from http://www.inmet.com/~justin/gc/index.html or ftp.gc.sca.org:
/pub/sca_gc when it is placed there.

       (Information from other sources indicates that A.J.
  Riviezzo had not understood the fact that the list had been
  a committee action, but thought that one person on the
  Grand Council, Tibor of Rock Valley, was the only person
  processing the nominations.  This was cleared up to the
  satisfaction of both parties.)

This is true: I called A.J. a few days later, and we worked everything out.
It should be noted that he had moved to have me removed from the Grand
Council in Executive Session, and that the motion failed a vote.

       In a phone meeting on 24 April, having received
  additional information on the nominees, the Board
  approved the additional members of the Grand Council as
  presented by the committee, with no changes.

The vote was carried, with two votes against.