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Re: may acorn, g&pd 6 (somewhat inflammatory)

     Greetings to all of the Merry Rose...and especially to Lady Melys.
     It is nice to be back in fair Atlantia after an extended jaunt into An 
     Tir...it is far less nice to see a lengthy letter in the ACORN 
     explaining how to carry myself in public at demos. Especially when the 
     pointers are suggestions to simultaneously appease the KKK and the 
     Thanks so much...I don't belong to either.  
     I will continue to refer to the SCA as the Society...and this group as 
     a "nonprofit educational organization devoted to medieval 
     re-creation." Po-tay-to...po-tah-to...it's all rather silly.
     As for "long black robes or cloaks", Master Thomas was probably 
     referring to ecclesiastical vestments. That's fine, I don't want 
     anyone passing themselves off as a priest, bishop, cardinal, etc. But 
     don't wear black--don't be silly.
     And as far as telling ANYONE they can't wear or display a cross or any 
     other personal religious object, Brother, you better be ready for the 
     lawsuit--in America, that's "freedom of religion". You'll get to meet 
     the ACLU in an OFFICIAL capacity. Atlantia needs THAT a LOT less than 
     I can ever say.