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Re: may acorn, g&pd 6 (somewhat inflammatory)

Greetings from Tibor.

Tadhg makes a common mistake:
       And as far as telling ANYONE they can't wear or display a cross or any 
       other personal religious object, Brother, you better be ready for the 
       lawsuit--in America, that's "freedom of religion". You'll get to meet 
       the ACLU in an OFFICIAL capacity. Atlantia needs THAT a LOT less than 
       I can ever say.

The constitution describes the limits of the governments powers: that it
make no law which abridges the freedom of religion.  There is no
constitutional reason why non-governmental entities cannot so discriminate.
For example, a Catholic Church could restrict membership to Catholics.

To my mind, part of the beautyof G&PD 6, is that it involves openness, and
respect for multiplicity of beliefs.  It does so by not mandating a Societal
religion, by respecting that people may not wish to participate in religious
activities involuntarily, and by encouraging research and practice of
private religion.

To use this delicate instrument as a bludgeon, which seems to be what
Sedalia has instructed all seneschals to do, is a travesty.

Yes, when we represent the Society to other organizations, we should use our
heads.  But this blather with it's proscriptions, and ridiculous
inhibitions, is irritating bureaucratic folly.  Judging from the furor
erupting around the Known World, as each Kingdom's Seneschal has been
instructed to convey a message from the Society Seneschal, you shouldn't
blame Master Thomas all that much: this came from the top.

The Easts solution was to simply publish G&PD 6 in the newsletter.  I think
that is sufficient.

	Tibor (Been quoting that G&PD sucker on the net for years...)