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Re: toot toot

>         But--but--to toot your horn and then not tell us the pun?????
>         C'mon now, give.  What was the pun?  Set it up for us and inflict it
> unless you fear it might do us all in???  :-)

He _can't_ tell it to you; it;s obviously a military secret, and he
doesn't know that you're cleared for it and have need-to-know. Read
his post again, esp. the last sentence:

> > At St. Dorothea's Day, I told a pun to James of Rutland that was so
> > bad that he turned beet red and was speechless for several minutes.
> > And it wasn't even obscene. I will be forwarding it to the Kingdom
> > Warlord for use during Pennsic.

Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay, O.L. (Mike Andrews)  Namron, Ansteorra