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Re: May ACORN discussion

Tadhg writes:
>         1) The article quoted by Master Thomas is the official policy of 
>      the SCA--and happily agreed to by everyone I've seen so far;

Not entirely.  G&PD 6 is the official policy of the SCA, and has been
for years.  That's the part that people agree to (well, at least those
that have read it closely).

The problem has been Duchess Sedalia's interpretaion of that policy in
response to some isolated incidents in certain parts of the Known
World, especially WRT to how to portray the SCA to the public.

>         2) The content of Master Thomas's letter should have given us a set 
>      of guidelines to help in demo PR.

The operative word being "should".  Unfortunately, far too many people
tend to read "guidelines" as "rules which must be followed absolutely
or we'll get in big trouble."  And with good historical basis for doing
so, I might add.

>      I do not wish to impugn Master Thomas in any way. I know him to be a 
>      fine and noble man--dedicated to his duties. I simply take issue with 
>      the manner in which he communicated himself this time.
>      In defense of Master Thomas, I understand that his interpretation on 
>      this matter is far more lenient than other kingdom seneschals. If 
>      that's true, my condolences to those other kingdoms.

I'll defend Master Thomas even further: The words aren't his.

I've seen this *exact* wording in at least three kingdom newsletters
now (first in Meridies last month, now in the Middle and Atlantia this
month).  The "guidelines" were clearly written by Duchess Sedalia
MacNaire, the Society Seneschal, who has apparently told the various
kingdom seneschals that they have to publicize them, regardless of
whether there has been any trouble of this sort in the kingdom or not.
In fact, the Middle Kingdom Seneschal, Duchess Lisa Dolorosa, has
refused to answer any questions on the subject, referring all
questions on either the policy or the "guidelines" to Duchess Sedalia.

Don't pin this one on Master Thomas, folks.  It ain't his fault.  He's
just doing what he was told to do.

Send your missives directly to the source: Duchess Sedalia MacNaire.

Mikjal Annarbjorn

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