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The GPD6 uproar...

To the good folk waiting out the rain here in the Merry Rose, greetings!
   Just in case there is anyone here who hasn't heard about this on the 
Rialto, similar articles have been printed in a number of kingdom 
newsletters lately.  This new take on on GPD6 seems to be handed down 
from the Society Senechale, not originating with Master Thomas, so
please don't flame him too badly (at least not until he specifically
_says_ this is his own policy :-)!
   I must say that I question the wisdom of portraying the SCA as 
something it is not at a demo, then turning out to be something 
totally different when someone shows up at an event.  I am also curious,
since we seem to be trying to appease _everybody_, what do we do when,
having eliminated all evidence of religion, we face someone screaming
"Godless heathens"?    :-)
   For what it's worth, I think the original GPD6 is quite good.
This new interpretation, however, does considerably more harm than

This has been yet another incoherent opinion from:
--Landi Haraldsson