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Re: g&pd 6 furor

*sigh* What has our society (not the SCA folks, society in general) come to
that we have to be this bloody paranoid.

To add to my Lady Alianora's comments about the word "medieval", perhaps
using a more precise pronounciation of it will also allay fears. There
are four syllables in the word....med-i-e-val. Pronounced properly, it
doesn't sound so much like mid-evil.

Looks like the FBI should upgrade our status from "a harmless bunch of
monarchists" to "Another biker snake cult."

Sorry folks. This whole topic is just too depressing to think about. Don't
even get me started on the OCA and proposition 9 or the rest of the so
called Moral Majority. It's a black day when a group such as ours has to
live in fear of being threatened by these narrow minded.....*sigh* never
mind. I said not to get me started, I should heed my own advice.

In service,

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