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Re: Royal Heraldry Changes and Where You Fit In

My personal thanks to Master Phillip of Ghent and Mistress Moira Maureen 
ua Seamus for their contributions of heraldic history to this 
discussion.  I have just one question:

	Why did Mistress Kiri and Countess Anya make the Queens roses
	barded and seeded Or rather then barded and seeded proper?

And as I may have mentioned, most seamstresses, in fact all who have been 
willing to express their opinion, who have done kingdom regalia happen to 
like the cotises, and would prefer to keep them.

In Service
Leifr Johansson
Heraldic radical and general disturber of still waters,
Who thinks that Atlantian arms seem more Germanic then English, and thus, 
we shouldn't be using English systems of cadency in the first place.