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Re: So, what does the Princess by Right of Arms Carry?

To our dear and harassed Kingdom Chronicler, Lady Anne Elizabeth of no by 
name, fair greetings from Lord Leifr

> You signed your last post....
> >>>>Leifr Johansson
> Who thinks that the new  Consort is not the heir of the reigning Consort, 
> but only the Consort of the heir of the reigning Sovereign<<<<.
> *only* the Consort?  I thought in this Kingdom (and most of them actually)
> that the Sovereign and Consort rule equally....It really seems to me to be a
> moot point who actually swung the stick.....But I would like to see the
> Consort of a QBROA wear that damn fuzzy clam.... I think the stupid thing
> would disappear right quick.....

The relative power of the Sovereign and Consort seem to be dependent on 
the energy and ability of the two people, and not the formality of who won
Crown and who provided the favor.  But technically, I don't see the 
Heir-consort as being the heir of the Reigning-Consort.  That is my point.
If anyone remembers Graffin Twila as Princess, they will realize there was
an awful lot of personal authority and dignity in that little body.  I 
wouldn't suggest that she was not an equal partner on the Crown.  But she 
was there because Steffan won Crown Tourney, not because of any 
relationship to Quean Seonaid.
> anne Elizabeth
> who loves those cottisses and HATES the damn fuzzy clam.....
You may be the first person I've ever seen to publically refer to the 
escallop erminios as the damn fuzzy clam.  Huzzah!

In Service
Leifr Johansson