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DML IKAC scores 4/29

The following may be printed in any SCA newsletter or crossposted. 
Please copy and share with any archers in your area. 

Thank you 

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, Keeper of the IKAC and IKCAC

Interkingdom  Archery  Competitions
	The first scores are in for this years Interkingdom Archery 
Competitions.  The standings as of April 29 are:  Open division  1)  
WEST-162.6.  Joseph de la tour-243, Kendrick of Drakestone-127, Owen ap 
Owen (Lochoc)- 118.  2) CALONTIR- 140.3. Catlin nic Phulain-163, 
Siegfried Stanislass- 160, Alaric Graeme- 98.  3) ATLANTIA- 127.3. Ld. 
rupert the Persistent- 183, Bruno Jaeger- 108, Ld. Robert the Forgotten- 
91.  4) TRIMARIS- 110.  Juan Diego- 142, Sir Erica Bjorsdottir- 120, 
Lassair Bantiarna Slaine- 68.  
	PERIOD DIVISION.  1) TRIMARIS- 152.3. Michael of Tweedale (2nd 
class) -206, Michael of Alwington (5th class) -158, Sasa Lyttel of Denby 
Dale (5th class) -93.  2) ANSTEORRA- 55.3.  Lady Aelfric of Auburn(5th 
class)  59, Ld. Easric of Hasting (5th class) 58, Sir Arthur of the Fen 
(5th class) 49.  
	CROSSBOW DIVISION.  No full sets of scores received as yet. 
do Pergraine- 182, Lady Rowan Wolfsbane of Winters Moon- 122, 
Eckhart von Eschenback- 103.  2) TRIMARIS- 74.3. ???????? Colbert- 78,  
?????? Joe Bochalch- 73,  Michael of Alwington- 72.
	A clarification of the rules has been made regarding arrows.  To 
shoot in the Period division you must use self nock arrows.  All scores 
are at least 5th class and get the bonus for using self nock arrows. 
	When using old score sheets without the spaces for the current 
Period information, plese write the class in the space with the archers 
name.  Write the actual total in the IKAC total column and the bonus 
total in the Royal Round column or to the right of the IKAC total. If you 
would like a copy of the new score sheet, send a SASE to: Score sheet, 
c/o the address below.
	I am still looking for Society bowyers and fletchers to add to 
the list of period equipment suppliers.  If you make period equipment for 
sale, please contact me.
	Plese note, I have a new email address. It is: 
	For copies of the IKAC or IKCAC rules contact your kingdom 
archery officer.  Or send a SASE (legal size) with 32 cents postage for 
the IKAC rules or 55 cents for both, to the Keeper of the IKAC and IKCAC: 
Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf. c/o John R. Edgerton, 7662 Wells., Newark, Calif. 
94560-3530. (510) 791-9070. email: sirjon@netcom.com.