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Re: Atlantian Crown Tourney

Lord Krenwrec FitzRaymond asks about Crown Tourney

> Any news?
A bright and clear day was provided by Windmaster's Hill for Their 
Majesties' Crown Tourney on the 6th of May 1995 CE.  The breezes were 
gentle and the temperature was perfect for a day of fighting for one's 
ladies (or lord, in one case) for the honor to be the heirs of Atlantia.

Nineteen noble and fearless fighters gathered that day to vie for 
Atlantia's Crown.  To name some of the more commonly known (or at least, 
the ones whose names I remember) there was Earl Dafydd fighting for 
Countess Elizabeth, Earl Cuan fighting for Lady Brigette of Mercia, 
Viscount Karl and Viscountess Leia fighting for each other.  Sir Tankard 
was the only other belted fighter, and a Baron not of my acquaintence was 
the other titled noble.  From the north, there were also Xenaphon Vaughn 
and Leifr Johansson.  Other lights were Lord Andrew, squire to his 
Majesty; Lord Finn, Lord Jonathan Black Bow, Lord Allen Quinten 
Garretsson fighting for the lovely Lady Aileen, and at least four 
fighters from Sacred Stone, which once again made an excellent showing.

The list was made of eight pairings of sixteen fighters.  The three 
knights and the two fighters of Viscounty rank, as well as three unbelted 
fighters selected by his Majesty, made the eight "belted" fighters to be 
challenged, three of the remaining eleven fighters were randomly selected 
by her Majesty to have to challenge in.  The the remaining eight 
"unbelted" fighters challenged, in reverse order of precedence, the 
"belted" fighters.  Great honor was practiced in the giving and accepting 
of challenges.  Then the remaining three fighters had to chose which of 
the eight "belted" fighters they would challenge for their positions.  
Both the Viscount and the Viscountess were challenged, but I am not sure 
who was the third.

At his Majesty's insistance, the tourney was fought quickly, with no 
significant pauses.  The semi-finals had Lord Xenaphon, with one loss, 
fighting Earl Dafydd, and Lord Jonathan, with one loss, fighting Earl 
Cuan.  Both Earls advanced to the finals.

The first bout was with sword and shield.  Upon lay-on, Earl Cuan 
butt-wrapped Earl Dafydd.  Insisting upon a rarely enforced rule, His 
Majesty had Earl Dafydd continue the fight from a sitting position.  The 
rest of the fight was long and uninspiring, but Earl Cuan eventually made 
a killing blow.

The second bout was fought with two sword.  Unfortunately, your reporter 
was engaged in that moment in dealing with a matter of personal honor, 
and was not a witness to this bout.  Earl Cuan, however, won again, and 
has placed the Princess' Coronet on the head of Lady Brigette of Mercia.

Vivat, Prince Cuan, Vivat, Princess Brigette, Vivat Atlantia!!

The feast was basic but hearty.  The sauted mushrooms were excellent.  
Entertainment was limited to a few songs sung to the high table.  The 
hall was beautifully draped with numerous banners and other works of 
heraldic art, as well as the display of Royal Armoury change 
recommendations prepared by your reporter.

Lady Aileen won the poetry contest.  Her Highnesses won the heraldry 
contest, for her glass standing panels with the badges of the Kingdom 
Orders.  His Highness received an honorable mention for his excellent 
work creating an achievement of arms for Duke Anton.

Curia was held Sunday morning, as had been arranged by Duke Anton and His 
Majesty.  Their Majesties discussed changing the baronial term 
limitations to a consistant two years plus two years throughout the 
thirteen baronies.  They discussed changing the Sovereign and Consort 
stipends to the the same as other Kingdom officers.  They discussed the 
proposed changes in Kingdom Heraldry, and remind everybody that written 
comments should be sent by May 15th.  They approved funding to send Lord 
Triton to the Knowne World Heraldic Symposium.  They asked to support for 
the regalia fund, and a possible increase in funding if necessary.

Finally.  His Majesty reviewed the law changes made by Thorbrandr and 
Eorann regarding division of profits from Kingdom level events, and 
informed the curia that there would have to be a change in Kingdom Law 
and in group attitudes regarding hosting kingdom events, else the Kingdom 
would not have sufficient revenues to cover expected operating expenses.

All of this, and much more indeed, did happen this weekend.  But of all I 
write, all is true, for I was there and a witnesses.

Leifr Johansson, AoA, Esquire and Protege, Seneschal of Stierbach.
Who fought for Her Ladyship, Erica Poitiven, and increased his record to 
2 and 2 ;-).