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More tidings of summer

Greetings Merry Rosers!

I just thought I would let everyone know that the College of Rencester is 
now out for the summer, so if anyone's trying to get in touch with us, 
it'll have to wait til August. Also, I'm stepping down as Seneschal of 
Rencester-- I'm graduating in about 6 days. (YAY!!!) My successor is Anna 
of Bray (mka Anne Seville) and after about the middle of August she can 
be reached at: 

Over the summer she won't have access to email, and my account will be 
deleted sometime after I graduate. Sorry if there's any inconvenience...
I'm going to unsubscribe from the list in a couple of days, so if anyone 
has any Rencester business, I would advise getting to it fast. :)

Yours in Service,
Lady Muireann ni Riordain