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Re[2]: Atlantian Crown Tourney

    Lord Leifr forgot to mention the Duello Tournament that was held before
    Crown.  There were 13 fighters in this list and it was quite
    entertaining to watch.  The combatants comported themselves with honor
    and grace.  The finals were held on the main field for Her Majesty's
    enjoyment.  Lord Aedan Aylwyn won this last hard fought bout over Lord
    Mikhail Kazimerovich.

    Another note: the Stained Glass Panels were done by Lady Bridget McLean
    and not Her Highness Bridget of Mercia.  Her Highness did the heraldic
    wall which is still in progress.

    In Service,
    Ayo Folashade Oshun
    MoL Windmasters Hill
    (I ran the list for the Duello Tourney and just wanted to make sure
    those good gentles got their due notice.)