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Re[2]: Pottery, Clay and everything!...and then some

Greetings, again...sorry, I should have bundled this with the last post.

Duncan mentions of the art of distilling:

>the modern science of distillation (which, as we all know, is illegal 
yadda yadda yadda)...

Actually, that is not precisely true. According to federal law (which 
means your results may vary), a person can brew up to 100 gallons per 
annum for personal consumption (200 gallons for head of household). My 
understanding is that you can legally distill that quantity. So 100 
gallons of brewed product OR the distilled derivative of that quantity.

WARNING: This is my understanding of the law. I am trying to find the 
exact law that covers it...but I'm striking out so far. More later.

Also, I am not suggesting that someone take up distillation. The dangers 
in the process are great...American folklore is rife with stories of what 
happens when it goes wrong.

For your consideration,