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Re: Class description deadlines for Collegium Borealis

Leifr wrote:

>However, if there is space available, even on the day of the event, you
>can come and ask to teach a class.  Just don't expect a really organized
>response from your students.

Well, if we don't have a tremenndous amount of space, we can always use 
the Merry Rose room as a spare classroom, as well as some of the hall 
areas (the halls in the B section are mondo huge) or in the outdoor 
garden areas near the building.  :)

(Also, I don't know whether the GMU folks are planning to lock up the 
rooms that I haven't requested -- there are still several classrooms in 
that area of the building that I haven't requested, mostly because they 
all have those hideous carpeted steps -- they really hinder movement in 
the classroom, so if the teacher plans to walk around, there's more than 
hems to worry about tripping on -- but they may well be open.  We Shall 
See What We Shall See.)