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Fwd: Re: Of Spirits Distilled...

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Subj:    Re: Of Spirits Distilled...
Date:    95-05-11 14:31:38 EDT
From:    Eogan macL
To:      duncan@vt.edu

Duncan scriptist... skreptis... screepbtis..... writes:
<Now, to look at this realistically - does someone who distills perfume at
<break this law? Yes. Will they be arrested? No. Likewise if you happen <to
<a small amount of mead brandy for personal consumption (say, on the <order
of a
<pint). However, if you are selling your distilled spirits and are caught -
<well, this
<could get ugly.

This is reminescent of the FBI warnings at the beginnings of movies.  Yes,
it's a federal offence to make a copy of the tape you rented at Pick-a-Flick,
but then again, it's also illegal to record movies off of straight TV unless
you have the copywriter's permission.  Yet VCRs do a booming business.  You
won't get caught unless you try to make a business out of it (which, if I
remember correctly, someone in Charlotte tried to do earlier this year).
The same applies to this brewing law.  Make it for yourself, make it for a
friend.  Just don't open a store, or donate a ton to the Police Auction.