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Re: Crown Tourney List

Thank you Lord Konrad,

Let's see what we can add to the list, and maybe reorder abit.
  Contestent			Consort				Score ?

> Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl		Countess Elizabeth Beaufort	4-2
  Count Cuan MacDaige		Brigette of Mercia		6-0
  Viscount Karl Helwig		Viscountess Leia Capraia
> Viscountess Leia Capraia	Viscount Karl Helwig
  Syr Tancred Dello Falco
  Baron Ian MacChatain
> Barluc (Bralos) Blackhearted
> Alan Garretson		Aileen MacDonaugh		Quartr-fnl
> Osric Logan (Logan Ebonwoulfe)
> Brandon of Tipperary
> Johnathan Blackbow						Semi-final
  Leifr Johansson		H.L. Erica Poitevin		2-2
> Connor of Tipperary
> Andrew McFarland of Wigin
> Finn Marland O'Shannon
> Xenophon Vaughn						Semi-final
> Keigan Matthis Broussard
> Bran Macconroai
> Erin McCloud
I'm afraid the reordering falls apart once we get to the AoA's.  And 
obviously I was not paying as much attention to the ladies being fought 
for as I should have.

Anyway, thanks again Konrad.

Leifr Johansson