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Re: Crown Tourney List

Greetings, Merry Rosers and all the shoppers at Cheapside,

Okay, so I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I can't resist:

Contestent		Consort				Score	Group

Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl	Countess Elizabeth Beaufort	4-2	Roxbury
Count Cuan MacDaige	Brigette of Mercia		6-0	Windmaster's
Viscount Karl Helwig	Viscountess Leia Capraia
Visco'ss Leia Capraia	Viscount Karl Helwig
Syr Tancred Dello Falco
Baron Ian MacChatain
Barluc Blackhearted	Gwynwulf			0-2	Sacred Stone
Alan Garretson		Aileen MacDonaugh			Windmaster's
Osric Logan		Arielle of Shadowoulfe		7-2
Brandon of Tipperary	Diana				1-2	Nottinghill
Johnathan Blackbow						Sacred Stone
Leifr Johansson		H.L. Erica Poitevin		2-2	Stierbach
Connor of Tipperary	Rhiannon Ui Niall		2-2	Nottinghill
Andrew McFarland of	
Finn Marland O'Shannon
Xenophon Vaughn							Lochmere ?
Keigan Matthis Broussard  Orianna
Bran Macconroai
Erin McCloud

Any additions or corrections gratefully accepted

Leifr Johansson