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Re: Of Spirits Distilled...

Greetings Good Gentles of Atlantia.

Please pardon my sticking my nose into this distillation business...but...
distillation is legal under certain circumstances.  I believe that if you
contact the Alcholic Beverage Control agency in your state you will find out
the legalities, limitations and requirements.  The federal agencies would
normally only come into the picture when dealing with interstate transfer of
the materials in question, while the rest has been left to the states to decide.

Take for instance the Commonwealth of Virginia. Officers from the Virginia
ABC put on a display at a local college (Hampton/Newport News)regarding
distillation and brewing about a year or so ago.  For personal use, and as a
fuel additive, distillation is permitted up to a certain amount (don't
remember the quantity). The process becomes illegal when either the amount
produced exceeds the legal maximum, or the product is issued for sale
without the proper licensing and taxes being paid.

As I'm in Missouri now, I don't have access to the state codes, but I
believe the criminal codes are in section 18 for Virginia (I remember 19 is
the divorce statute and 46.1 is for traffic offenses).  In other states
within Atlantia, I'm not sure of the legality of distillation. Because
Virginia is a commonwealth instead of a state, there is a _lot_ of weirdness
in the law that doesn't pertain to regular states.

Hope this helps.

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