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The Squire's Revolt

Greetings to all the reveler's at the Merry Rose.

Lady Aislynn Fyrlocc has asked that I announce an upcoming event, The 
Squire's Revolt. First, a little general information (which I borrow from 
Lady Aislynn's upcoming ACORN announcement):

>                Its SPRING'S END (again)!
>  and this year THE SQUIRES (are) REVOLT(ing) (don't say it....)
>Come to the fair Barony of Ponte Alto, pick a side, and join in the fun as 
>squires, freescholars, and other unbelted fighters stage a revolt, um, 
>demonstrate their skills (yeah, that's it!) against the Knights of the 
>realm and the Members of the Academy d'Espe'.  
>The forums for the rebellion, um, demonstrations will be "a Castle gate 
>battle, a tag-team melee', and a regular team melee' for the Heavy 
>fighters, team melee's and a challenge tourney for the duellists, and 
>archery for all.  Further info on the battles is available from the 

All very well and good but WHY would Tadhg be interested...heh, heh, heh... 
why obviously I haven't announced the GOOD part yet:

>For the non-combat inclined, there will be a brewing competition, a games 
>room, and a bardic competition.  In keeping with the "Spring" theme, the 
>brewing competition will have the following categories: 1) beers and ales, 
>2) meads, 3) quick mead, 4) small ales, and 5) short wines (where quick, 
>short, or small implies less than 1 month to brew.)  Categories 4 and 5 
>will probably get combined (possible even with 3).  The bardic competition 
>will be for all bardic arts, for single as well as group performers, and 
>will focus on period works.  Judging criteria will include whether the 
>piece is pre-1600, documentation of sources, period presentation (e.g. 
>instrumentation/language), and performance quality.  Winners will be asked 
>to perform during the feast.  We request that all documentation for the 
>competitions be available for display on the A&S Table.  Contact Lord 
>Tadgh, Kingdom Brewmiester, at: 301-942-9551 for further information on
>the brewing competition and Lady Anne of Carthew at 703-437-6271 for 
>further information on the bardic competition.

So for my part, I would like to take this opportunity to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE 
everyone interested in the brewing or bardic to get started. From the 
brewing side, there are 5 categories--4 of which can be finished in time 
for this event...oh, yes, the event is on June 17. So go ahead and get 
started...beers and ales take about a month (so get hot)...small meads, 
ales and wines take 1 to 4 weeks (so plan accordingly). If you have any 
questions, you can call me or just write back...you know where I am.

That's all I have for now...off to the kitchen...I want LOTS of stuff to 

See you in Ponte Alto,
(who doesn't believe squires could ever be considered revolting)