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Re: Collapsible, Transportable, Bed

Greetings from Tibor.

I'd told the poster I'd made a rope bed...

I'm not a Laurel, or in any danger of becoming one.  It wasn't too hard, and
it took a day, with hand tools.

Part of the trick is how to weave the bed.  Part of the trick is not using
new rope the first time. (1)  Another trick is to make a lot of wedges, and
placing them around the outside of the bed.  It tightens like a drum in a
few minutes.

If you are willing to go for a less period solution, you can use
interlocking plywood pieces to make a base, and a coupe of small plywood
pieces to make a platform.  Buy or imitate an old waterbed base.

Slat beds are lovely: I don't know if anyone has documented them, though.  I
hope so... it's a great bed.


(1) Assemble the bed a few days before you use it, and pre-stretch the