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Re: Collapsible, Transportable, Bed

Greetings from Corun,

Personally, I take my futon and frame to war. It's a full sized futon and
can sleep two comfortably. TO get it there, I put the frame, upside down,
on the roof racks on top of the car, and pack everything else that goes
atop the car on it and in between the rails that rest on the floor when
the frame is set up right. The futon itself rolls up tightly and is place
behind the fron seats after the back seats are lowered into their postition.
I have a station wagon, and this leaves plenty of room inside to pack the
stuff that I don't want atop the car, like the cooler and the clothes.

But on a completely unrelated note, you know you're in the SCA when you
read the following post by Tibor and start to blazon it because of one
little typo.

> If you are willing to go for a less period solution, you can use
> interlocking plywood pieces to make a base, and a coupe of small plywood
> pieces to make a platform.  Buy or imitate an old waterbed base.

So, is that a semi of interlocking plywood pieces in base (probably counter
changed) and a coupe of small pieces?

I'm not a herald and I don't play one on tv.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   | This is a little souvenir I picked up on Mangus III.
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