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Avoiding the gum police...Distillers beware

Connor can't seem to send this out and so asked me to forward this
to The Merry Rose. Please direct replies to sca.connor@vt.edu.

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On Thu, 11 May 1995 14:32:22 -0400, 
EoganmacL@aol.com  <EoganmacL@aol.com> wrote:

>This is reminescent of the FBI warnings at the beginnings of movies.  Yes,
>it's a federal offence to make a copy of the tape you rented at Pick-a-Flick,
>but then again, it's also illegal to record movies off of straight TV unless
>you have the copywriter's permission.  Yet VCRs do a booming business.  You
>won't get caught unless you try to make a business out of it (which, if I
>remember correctly, someone in Charlotte tried to do earlier this year).
>The same applies to this brewing law.  Make it for yourself, make it for a
>friend.  Just don't open a store, or donate a ton to the Police Auction.

Ahhh but donating a ton reminds me of the way we got out of touublesome 
times in grammar school/middle school...granted it was on a much smaller 
scale but the theory remains the same...In the wonderful school I attended 
in California it was against school policy to chew gum.  Legal to carry 
legal to display, and distribute (I had a gumball machine in my locker) but 
illegal to get caught chewing it.  I spent a couple of detentions for that 
sole reason...I finally learned how to circumvent this affliction...ie dont 
look like you are chewing...get speech to the same level with/or without 
gum in your mouth, and things of the like...But it was later understood 
that there was an easier way out of the situation...One of the key teachers 
had a fondness for a rare gum in those parts called Black Jack...Every once 
in awhile an amazing pack of the sticky substance would fall out of either 
my pocket or a friends while we were crossing his path...Not surprising to 
us none of us ever got nailed by this teacher...BTW the best place to chew 
gum at the time was in detention while you were in there for chewing it... 
Mr. Black Jack himself was the guard of our prison cell.

Connor Levingstoune/Troy Herring
"Bad Spellers Of The World Untie!"--random T-shirts seen in my early youth
May the great ferret of the sky watch out for your safety.

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