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Re: Official notice cribbed from SCA-EAST

> Greetings to all from the Coopers and the Pennsic 24 Autocrats!
> We have been monitoring the list and would like to issue a clarification to
> the Pre-Pennsic Handbook in reference to the Sunday, August 20th closing
> time.  Sunday, August 20th, Pennsic 24 (the sca event) will end at Noon
> Eastern Standard Time.  The Coopers and The Autocrats, having much experience
> with the time required to break down and pack encampments (some of which
> have been in place for 2 weeks) request all campers be off-site by sundown.
> In August at Cooper's Lake, this occurs around 7pm est.
> All official Pennsic 24 services will end at noon - this includes such
> things as Chiurgeons Point, Security, Herald's Point and Information.
> For those concerned about traffic control, The Coopers will be providing
> their
> usual effecient traffic control the last day of Pennsic.
> Lord Filip of the Marche has been maintaining a World Wide Web site for
> Pennsic Information.  He has received the contents of the Pre-Pennsic
> Handbook from us for posting to the Web.  The address is below.
> Filip of the Marche
> http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/org/sca/sca-home.html
> http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/org/sca/src/sca/pennsic.html
> Permission is gladly granted to cross-post the above information.
> The Coopers and The Pennsic 24 Autocrats
> (posted by Mistress Alexis MacAlister, 1/3 PW24 Autocrat)
> (Beverly Roden  ac508@dayton.wright.edu)