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Wednesday Night Fight Practice

Well, folks, here's the poop.  We can't get the gym.  Period.  They're 
not willing to keep their manager on to that late at night in the summer.

So, I asked about the field house.  Turns out there is another group 
using it Mon-Thurs 6-9 pm.  (IMHO this may well be the same group of 
dimwitted women in burgundy and gold miniskirts that were the bane of 
fight practices in years past, but Bruce Cooper was unwilling to divulge 
the name of the group.  Said dimwits conduct inappopriate usage of state 
property.)  But we can get the gym from 7-10 pm on Fridays.  Is there 
interest in using it then, or should I just cancel?

If anyone out there can think of a better site, speak now.  I can't think 
of any other sites that we could use for fight practice, but then and 
again, I've only been here a year ...