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Re: Of cabbages and kings

<Meli ponders this in amusement, wondering whatever can Baron Corun be up to 

> Greetings unto the Merry Pranksters from Corun. 
> I once heard it discussed (was in fact part of the discussion) that 
> it would be rather fun to have a king and queen re-enact (at least 
> in parody) Henry and Eleanor a la Lion in Winter. There would also have 
> to be three sons to play the respective parts. Any takers? ;-) 
> Smileantly, 
> Corun 

Uhmn, your Excellency,

Just what exactly did you have in mind???

It sounds like it could be fun ....

But then, I've been away from Court (and work, OOP) sick the last few days, 
and this could be a lingering fever from the malaise .....

Papa always did tell me being in London in the Spring was bad for the health.
(Fairfax ain't been any great shakes, either ....)

So--like--I guess I'm interested.  Intrigued, amused--but definately 
interested ....