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Re: Of cabbages and kings

> <Meli ponders this in amusement, wondering whatever can Baron Corun be up to 
> now????>


> Uhmn, your Excellency,
> Just what exactly did you have in mind???
> It sounds like it could be fun ....

Well, it would take a king and queen with both stage presence and chutzpah
to pull it off. Sort of like

King: Alright, let's start court.

Herald: Um, You Majesty, we can't start without the Queen.

King: Damn! Guards!! Alright, you lot go and fetch the Old Tyrant out of jail
      so we can get this show on the road. When the King's off his duff, nobody

The Boys: "But when do we get to be King Daddoo?" "You don't get to be King,
           I get to be King." "No you don't, he promised it to me." "No, it's
           my turn, you're too young." "Am not!" "Are too!" "How come no one
           ever thinks of Kings and thinks of me?" "Am not!" "Are too!" "Let's
           strike a match and see."

Queen: Ah, my lovely Boys.

The Boys: "Mommy!!!" <more of the same above>

<allegedly excerpted from The Fifteen Minute Lion in Winter>

In service,
Corun (who thinks this is much more fun than worrying about bill HR5144 and
       when Pennsic is closing this year)

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