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Re: Use of honorifics

lord tirloch inquires:

> Lord Liefr write this day abour crown tourney and he used the initials "H.L."
> for the title of the lady he fought for.
> I am not aware that Atlantian tradition has changed to use this title. In all
> the University classes taught over the past few years, great pains have been
> taken to educate the populace that the "H.L." is not part of the Atlantian
> culture.

hmm... i've seen h.l. used fairly frequently, both verbally and in 
print.  the two examples that come to mind are the current baroness of 
sacred stone, who has been addressed in court as the honorable lady rachel
de johnstone at one point or another, and former (current?) royal bard 
bryce de byram, who was listed in the acorn as thl b. de b.

that's an extremely small sampling, and i'll be the first to admit that i 
don't get up north very often & don't know what the customers are up 
there.  but here in the south, at least, it seems to be fairly common...


lisa lorenzin