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Re: Use of honorifics

Tirloch wonders:
> Lord Liefr write this day abour crown tourney and he used the initials "H.L."
> for the title of the lady he fought for.
You're right Lord Tirloch, it is not Atlantian tradition to use the title 
Honorable Lady or Her Ladyship for a GoA.  But frankly, if I want to 
refer to Erica Poitiven that way, I will.  I don't carry her favor just 
to look good, you know, I carry it because I think she is one of a few 
ladies in this Kingdom it would do well to have on the throne, and whom 
which I could work with as a partner in the Crown.

I certainly hope you don't care to object any further.  I'm not going to 
try to make you use my form of address, after all.

In Service
Leifr Johansson