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Use of honorifics

Greetings to all....

Lord Liefr write this day abour crown tourney and he used the initials "H.L."
for the title of the lady he fought for.

I am not aware that Atlantian tradition has changed to use this title. In all
the University classes taught over the past few years, great pains have been
taken to educate the populace that the "H.L." is not part of the Atlantian

If we have changed our traditions, it would be a good thing to tell people
that the honored traditions of our kingdom have changed.

In other kingdoms, when a person is given by the royalty a grant of arms (GoA),
the awardee can call themselves "H.L." but we don't do this. 

If I am wrong, please tell me and point to the citations that Atlantia does

In Service,

a herald.....

p.s. does anyone know whose kingdom has the award for "keeper of the dream"?