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To Seneschals & Heralds

Unto the seneschals and heralds of Atlantia, does Lady Rhiannon
Ui Niall, Sea Stag Herald, send greetings and well wishes this

At the request of the Triton Principal Herald, I am currently
working on compiling a current roster of the heralds in Atlantia
and would solicit your assistance.  Please provide me with the
following information for the person(s) you believe to be the
warranted herald(s) for your group:

Group name
primary herald or deputy?
SCA name
modern name
mailing address
phone number
membership number and expiration date
e-mail address (if available)

Further, if any persons within your group/area are warranted as
heralds "at large", please have them forward their information to
me also.  I am posting this to the Atlantian list in the hopes
that this request will be forwarded to those who can assist me.

Please return this requested information to me by June 5, 1995. 
The sooner I receive everyone's info, the sooner I can publish a
new roster of Atlantian heralds.  I may be contacted through the

Lady Rhiannon Ui Niall
c/o Beverly R. Curry
18 Reynolds Road
Asheville, NC 28806

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  As always, I

In Service to Atlantia

Sea Stag Herald