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Crown Tourney Update

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose from Konrad der ruhige Bar.

Please find below the list of fighters, consorts and won - lost records for
the recent Crown Trourney.  The list of consorts was provided by Dominus
Herveus d'Ormonde.  The won - lost records were taken from the list tree and
then compared to the 3X5 cards used by the heralds to make sure they
matched.  A note about the tourney format:  There were 19 fighters so His
Majesty decided on a list tree with 16 positions and allowed 3 challenge-ins
in the first and second rounds.  This means that some fighters have one
extra fight compared to a standard 16 person double elimination tourney. 
Again apologies in advance for misspellings and for missed titles.

The List:

Earl Dafydd ap Gwystl - Countess Elizabeth Beaufont	4-2
Earl Cuan McDaige - Brigit of Mercia 			6-0
Vicount Karl Helweg - Vicountess Leia di Capraia	0-2
Vicountess Leia di Capraia - Vicount Karl Helweg	0-2
Syr Tancred dello Falco - Christiana del Falco		0-2
Baron Ian MacChattan - Daidhidh Gwendolyn di Dugh Glas.	2-2
Bruallac Blackheart - Gwynwulf				0-2
Alan Garretson - Aileen McDonagh			4-2
Osric Logan - Arielle of House Shadowoulfe		4-2
Brandon of Tipperary - Diana di Sebastiani		0-2
Johnathan Blackbow - Maeve Gryphonsweard		4-2
Leifr Johansson - Erica Poitevins			2-2
Connor of Tipperary - Rhiannon ui Niall			2-2
Andrew MacFarlan of Wigin - Bethany of Bedford		1-2
Finn Marland O'Shannon - Antonella di Marco		2-2
Xenophon Vaughn - Celynen of Stow-on-the-Wold		3-2
Keigan Matthis Broussard - Oriana of Xylina		2-2
Bran Macconroai - Lasair Burke				0-2
Erin McClouud - Loraine McLean of Lockbye		0-2

Sorry it took so long to get this on the net.