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Concerning titles for Grants of Arms

Unto the gentles here today at the Merry Rose and out in Cheapside,
greetings from the Atlantian College of Heralds, represented by
Evan da Collaureo, Kraken Herald.

I would rather not have done this myself. This posting is being made
at the specific direction and request of the Triton Principal Herald.
Dominus Herveus has changed job locations, and his e-mail access at
the new site is unreliable. He cannot easily post to this list, and
can only monitor it intermittently. Therefore, if you have any comments,
please address them to him directly, at: houghtom@hfsi.com (yes they are
both M's).

Recently a point was brought up on this list about the custom, used in
some other kingdoms of the Known World, of designating gentles who have
received a Grant of Arms as "(The) Honorable Lord/Lady," abbreviated
"(T)HL." We recognize that this is often used by gentles who originally
hailed from elsewhere, or spent significant amounts of time outside
of Atlantia.

However, in period a Grant and an Award are the same thing. The addition
of modifiers to the term "Lord/Lady" is questionable at best as a period
practice. It is not now, nor (to the best of our knowledge) has it ever
been, Atlantian law, policy or custom to use the term "Honorable Lord/Lady."

This doesn't mean you have to stop using it if you do. Like many other
policies, this only applies to official business. The designation should
not be used the kingdom newsletter, or in any way that would implicitly
give it official recognition, unless the crown should decide to change
the current policy. Everyone is discouraged from giving the impression
that "THL" designations are customary in Atlantia (for they are not).
The only proper title for someone with a Grant of Arms is "Lord" or
"Lady" unless they have some other award that conveys a different title
(in which case they are free to use that title if they so desire).

In short: Officially, don't use it. Unofficially, do as you wish, but
try not to give a false impression of what the custom is.

Done by the electronic hand of my deputy Kraken (known in the Society
as Evan da Collaureo) this 18th day of May, a.s. XXX. Yours in service,