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Anonimity and Personal Honor

Dear Friends,
     I thank Beornheard for his cogent remarks regarding anonymous postings.
The electronic medium is impersonal as it is. To further estrange ourselves
by sniping from cover is an unfortunate turn of events.
     As it happens, many of us in the Barony of Nottinghill Coill can tell
you where the Crown Prince and Crown Princess have been and that's to the
Feast of the Thirty hosted by the Canton of Falcon Cree at King's Mountain
State Park in lovely South Carolina this past weekend. For the Crown Prince
to grace us with his presence and then to marshal the fighting when he still
has law school examinations underway was a real example of "going the extra
mile." For the Crown Princess to drive many hours from her home in Marinus
to be with us was equally magnificent.
     Let us be nice to one another, please.
     Warm regards,