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Re: Anonymity and Personal Honor

On Tue, 23 May 1995, E. T. Smith wrote:

> Subject: Anonymity and Personal Honor
> Dear Friends,
>      I thank Beornheard for his cogent remarks regarding anonymous postings.
> The electronic medium is impersonal as it is. To further estrange ourselves
> by sniping from cover is an unfortunate turn of events.

Such a situation also brings into doubt the integrity of a person 
unwilling to personally account for or otherwise hold responsibility for 
their remarks, whether responses be positive or negative. 

[eloquent reportage of event sadly *snipped*]

> For the Crown Prince
> to grace us with his presence and then to marshal the fighting when he still
> has law school examinations underway was a real example of "going the extra
> mile." For the Crown Princess to drive many hours from her home in Marinus
> to be with us was equally magnificent.

Indeed. It sounds like a perfect example of dedication from love for an 
avocation rather than dedication from expectation. To extrapolate a 
condemnation of a person based on one incident is not only trivial but 
foolish. An error in judgement may have been made, but no amount of 
guerrilla character assassination will reverse what has been done. Were 
we all convicted upon the basis of judgement errors, we would all be 
criminals; please let the past be just that. What with the amount of debate 
brought about by this issue, I for one doubt it will occur again. 

>      Let us be nice to one another, please.
>      Warm regards,
>      Thomas

Concurring (with my regards added),

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