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RE: Anonimity and Personal Honor

Greetings from Ellwood!

I'm glad I was out of town when that bit of doggerel wandered into
my mailbox....   *bleh*

%     I thank Beornheard for his cogent remarks regarding anonymous 
%The electronic medium is impersonal as it is. To further estrange ourselves
%by sniping from cover is an unfortunate turn of events.

%     As it happens, many of us in the Barony of Nottinghill Coill can tell
%you where the Crown Prince and Crown Princess have been and that's to the
%Feast of the Thirty hosted by the Canton of Falcon Cree at King's Mountain
%State Park in lovely South Carolina this past weekend. For the Crown Prince
%to grace us with his presence and then to marshal the fighting when he 
%has law school examinations underway was a real example of "going the extra
%mile." For the Crown Princess to drive many hours from her home in Marinus
%to be with us was equally magnificent.

I was certainly impressed that their Highnesses were there.  It was the
first time I had ever met Princess Brigit.  Perhaps the reason people
aren't "seeing" Them is that They are showing up incognito....  From
what I remember, Cuan doesn't go in for a lot of pomp.  They did sit in
state during court and at high table, but that was about it for ceremony.

(herald-in-charge for Feast of the Thirty)