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Re: Doggeral

On Tue, 23 May 1995, Jeff Tyeryar wrote:

> "Questioning honor" as Uther puts it, is an honorable act - if done with 
> honor.  Done by other means, we call it slander.

But it is done by other means because of the fear of reprisals.  To quote 
Sir Klaus, "We can all have fun shunning him in person."  If I understand 
Klaus correctly, this is more in response to the anonymous part rather 
than the honor part.

If the person had posted in person, there would have been others who 
would have shunned him for questioning honor.  If you have any doubt that 
this would have happened, consider the reactions to the Champions Battle 
at Pennsic last year.  For those not acquainted with the aftermath, there 
was an orgy of name calling which ended with neither side in the right.