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Re[2]: Doggeral

Greeting from Luther, who feels angry today:

]On Tue, 23 May 1995, Jeff Tyeryar wrote:

]> "Questioning honor" as Uther puts it, is an honorable act - if done with 
]> honor.  Done by other means, we call it slander.

Uther continued:

]But it is done by other means because of the fear of reprisals.  To quote 
]Sir Klaus, "We can all have fun shunning him in person."  If I understand 
]Klaus correctly, this is more in response to the anonymous part rather 
]than the honor part.]

   There would have been no fear of reprisals if this coward had simply made a 
query as to his whereabouts. That was clearly not this spineless worms intent. 
He was attempting to spit on a fine mans honor. Knowing this, it was done, 
sniper fashion, from the safety of anonymous mail. 

]If the person had posted in person, there would have been others who 
]would have shunned him for questioning honor.  

   The coward was not "questioning honor" he was intentionally pissing on it. 
That is why the gutless sack of vomit did not post in person. Questioning honor 
is not a dishonorable act. In fact, questioning it is the obligation of 
honorable men and women. Keeping silent in the face of dishonorable acts only 
adds to the crime. I read that note and could hear in my mind, swords sliding 
from the sheaths of honorable men to defend the Honor of a slandered Prince.

   There is one thing, in my short association with the SCA, I have found to be 
the finest quality in any group I have ever known. 

   Personal Honor.  

   Honor, curtesy, community: Today, these concepts seem to have been bred out 
of the worlds bones. I morn their demise and detest their killers.

Luther                        luther@infodata.com