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Re: Doggeral (fwd)

> 	When fighting, Cuan is certainly no fool 
> Butt-wrapped the Earl on his first pass 
> Michael called forth a not-oft-used rule 
> And made Dafydd sit on his ass 

 While Anonymous broadsides were common place in the political discourse
that our nation was founded on, The tone of this song is misplaced. Cuan
actions should not be questioned. ( Butt wraps are legal.  It has been my
experience that in a Crown lists one should take every advantage your
opponent gives you or that you have created.  Taking advantage of an
opponent's weakness is a central theme in combat.  Not to do so is foolish
( this was told to me by Duke Achkbar, during a Eastern Kingdom crown list
after Pennsic IV).  If the not-oft-used rule is not common practice,
should it be abandonded or should it be made common practice.  This is the
question that should be discussed. 

Shinawassee Magnuson