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Re: Doggeral

On Mon, 22 May 1995 an236892@anon.penet.fi wrote:

> Chorus	Oh where, oh where can Prince Cuan have gone
> 	Oh where, oh where can he be
> 	I saw him at Crown, but never anon
> 	Oh where can our Crown Prince be

I have many problems with the lack of courtesy shown by the *person*, not 
gentle, who wrote this.  I for one, was at Tournament of the Enchanted 
Woods in Azurmont the weekend after Crown Tourney, and Cuan was there.  
He came to the event for the express purpose of authorizing fighters.  I 
was assisting the MOL, and as I recall, we had about 7 authorizations, or 
re-authorizations, some with more than one weapon form.  If Cuan had not 
been there, we *would not* have been able to hold authorizations.  One of 
the gentles from our incipient college was able to authorize sword and 
shield thanks to Cuan, and of this I am glad, for we traveled almost 2 
hours to attend for this specific purpose.  Unfortunately, I had to 
return home soon after the fighting began, but I saw a form of bear-pit, 
and I know they had woods battles and assorted melees planned.  Rather 
than hold a tourney, Cuan pitted two sides against each other in melees, 
having different folk captain each side, so more people got tried in 
command positions in preparation for Pennsic.  I was amazed that our 
Crown Prince, just out of crown tourney, would join our small gathering 
there, and I was mightily pleased.  He would know me not, but I will 
never forget him.

Alanna O'Keefe
Seneschalle (Elect)
Soon-to-be-Incipient College of Marshals' Keep
mka Rachel Wright
Washington & Lee University
Lexington, Va  24450

P.S.  I noticed in the following part that my reply to this post would be 
automatically anonimitized, but *I want my name known*.

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