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Re: Garb Wars

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose from Konrad der ruhige Bar.

My lady and I attended our first Garb Wars this past weekend and it was an
excellent event.  There were 7 teams competing in the "war" with six
finishing their creations in time for feast.  Teams were mostly from the
immediate area of Bright Hills but one team was from the Mid Realm.  The war
was won by Vicountess Leia di Capraia's team.  They made a 16th century
man's outfit patterned after a picture in one of J. Arnolds books.  It was
very striking.

There was a heavy weapons double elimination tourney (12 fighters) won by
Count Thorbrandr.  The tourney was followed by melees.  There was also a
rapier tourney but I do not know who won.

Of particular note were the childrens activities which ran from about 10 AM
to 4 PM. There were real activities that the children enjoyed rather then
just baby sitting.  Augustus (9) was excited about the leather pouch and
pottery he made.  They also had a war with forts and boffer stones made by
the children  

The feast was prepared by Kyle of Clan Kyle and his Lady and was excellent. 
There were about 120 - 130 (my estimate) in attendance with 95 at feast.

Congratulations Bright Hills on an excellent event.