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Re: atlantian finance questions

Lady Melys writes:
>at the k'burg business meeting monday night, our seneschal asked for
>comments on a proposition discussed (i think - somebody please correct me
>if i'm wrong) at the windmaster's hill baronial curia - that the kingdom,
>which is apparently running out of money rapidly, receive 10 percent of
>the net profit of every event.
>assuming that the proposal is in fact as i understand it and have
>presented it above, i have several questions for the crowd assembled.

    I'm a Windmasters Baronial Officer(MoL) and attended the meeting so I
    would like to make a few comments.  The proposal is right in its
    essentials(the percentage was debated).  The Baronial Seneschal and the
    Baroness wanted to get feedback on ways to ensure the Kingdom has money
    to cover it's expenses.  This discussion was what can we in Windmasters
    do to help. The proposal was made at the meeting by a couple of the
    officers.  It is not a Kingdom-wide proposal.

>1.  how serious is the situation?  how soon will atlantia run out of
>money?  what happens if it does?

    I hope someone else can answer this question more fully but as I
    understand it, there simply isn't enough money for the Kingdom to do
    all that is necessary(stipends for the officers, upkeep of the regalia,
    travel fund, etc).

>     2. what other alternatives have been proposed to fix it,
>    if any?

    There has been talk of raffles and auctions for specific needs like the
    travel fund or the regalia fund. Your ideas and support are needed! If
    you have any talk to your seneschal.

>     3. why is the kingdom "running out of money"? (i have heard that the
>    loss of sea wars has in part caused this situation, but i'd like to
>    hear a more authoritative view on the subject...)

    As it was put forth at Kingdom Curia, the Kingdom simply is not
    generating enough money at Kingdom level events to cover Kingdom
    expenses.  It's a slightly different issue than "running out of money"
    to my mind.  It's more like our expenses have grown but revenue has
    not or has lessened.   

>4.  what does the kingdom need money for, exactly?  if groups are to
>contribute directly to the kingdom coffers, i think it only fair that we
>know for what purposes the money is being collected.

    Well, I listed some of the needs above.  I agree.  If we knew what was
    needed, I'm sure we all would try to help out.  Specific goals really
    help in fundraising efforts.  A few of the issues are the travel fund,
    the regalia fund, the stipends for officers(they are really small, imo,
    I have nothing but respect for those who take on the Great Offices of
    our Kingdom. I know what my expenses are as a Baronial Officer and I
    shudder to think about what our Great Officers have to personally
    shell out.) and money to hold events. 

>5.  as a paid member of the sca and resident of the kingdom of atlantia,
>through what channels would i need to go to acquire a copy of the
>exchequer's report for atlantia?  would that document contain the
>information i'm looking for in 2 and 3?

    Don't know.  Start with contacting your seneschal.

>6. has this proposal been widely discussed among other groups?  if so,
   what are your reactions?

    Melys, this proposal was something the officers of Windmasters came up
    with and we wanted to know what the rest of the Barony thought about
    it.  Hopefully, this starting proposal would generate other ideas that
    the Baronial Seneschal and Baroness could take back to the Kingdom.  

>i haven't ever thought about the concept of kingdom operating expenses
>before, simply because i play on the baronial level most of the time.  if
>the kingdom really *is* in need of money, perhaps along with the tithe we
>could coordinate some sort of special fund-raising effort for worthy
>causes like the kingdom travel fund, the officers' stipend, the
>newsletters, etc.

    I know, I hadn't really thought about the Kingdom's operating expenses
    either.  The purpose of the meeting was to have the seneschals go back
    to their cantons and get people thinking about it and generating ideas.
    Please take your ideas to Francesca to pass on to Nia or go directly to
    Nia.  Your ideas and support are what we need.

>on the other hand, i'm not comfortable about going along with the proposal
>"because someone said so" - i'd like to see what exactly the problem is
>here.  i think we should have the opportunity to see if we can fix the
>*causes* of the problem along with raising the money to alleviate it

    This was hotly debated at the meeting believe me!  Big personalities
    in this Barony. :-)  We want to generate discussion _not_ make this a
    'have to' but a 'want to'.   The whole idea behind the Baronial
    Curia(as you put it) was to bring the problem out in the open, generate
    some ideas and take it to the populace as a whole for more discussion.
    This is not a done deal in any way.  Please talk to Nia or Ceridwen,
    they want to know what you think.   They can also provide you with more

> please, before you respond, consider this: i'm not looking to start
>    another controversy here.  i'm looking for an education from those
>    more knowledgeable than i in these matters (which is probably most of
>    the kingdom, at this point! *wry grin*).  any productive information
>    will be cheerfully acknowledged and deeply appreciated; flames and
>    none-of-your-businesses will be sent to /dev/null. :)

    I hope I have been able to provide you with some useful information.
    This was supposed to be an in Barony discussion but since you opened it
    up, I decided to respond publically as well.  I will forward both our
    posts to the Baronial Seneschal and forward her response to this list
    should she desire it. 

                                      In Service,
                                       Ayo Folashade Oshun