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>From Lady Stephania Herring......

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                       Subject:                               Time:4:24 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          DOGGERAL                               Date:5/25/95

Ayo, thoughts on the Doggeral and the apology---

It seems to me that this is a masterpiece of backpeddling, something we all do
when we are in the wrong.  This song was clearly a blind statement, made by
someone who either does not know Cuan, or does not care that he has suggested
that Cuan would put his own person before the throne.  Think what you will
about the Prince, but he IS a knight, and takes very seriously the vows that
he made that morning on the field at Pennsic.  It is an insult best suited to
a drunken night in a dark wood, not in the glow of the daylight.  And it is
awfully soon to be casting aspersions on the character of the Prince
considering he has only been Prince for two weeks.  Lots of exercise in
leaping to faulty conclusions...
There are only two dogs in this fight-His Highness, accused of non-existent
misbehavior (only the omniscient know BEFORE a person acts what nature and
appearance those actions will take) and Leifr, who's judgement in choosing
forum and method of approach leave much to be desired.  The rest of us, stand,
looking on in horror at the blood, embarrased that we are fascinated at loose
tongues and misspoken meanings.  Let this be the end of this foolishness once
and for all.  Let an average song fall by the wayside to join it's forgotten
cousins, let meanings missed or confused be set adrift and lost in the sea of
miscommunication, and let honor be decided, as it always should, between the
two parties concerned.  It is the rule by which we must live in this
Society-let honor be assumed in all others until proven otherwise, and let
each man with a question of honor look to himself to satisfy that debt.

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