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Re: DOGGERAL (fwd)

I would like to add an apology to Lady Stephania for posting a personal 
message on this list.  I had an itchy forward finger and it went off 

 ---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 30 May 1995 12:23:10 -0500
From: Nia Rodgers <nia_rodgers@library.lib.ncsu.edu>
To: Cheryl Martin <zofran@deepthot.cary.nc.us>
Subject: Re: DOGGERAL (fwd)

        Reply to:   RE>>DOGGERAL (fwd)

Lady  Ayo--this one is intended for  Lord Leifr and any others who aren't
dreadfully tired of this by now...

Unto Lord Leifr Johansson, from Lady Stephania---
       Sadly, this has gone beyond what I intended-a note to a friend to blow
off steam, and has become much bigger than I intended.  It was not my intent
to slander you publicly, or to take you to task publicly.  I prefer to talk to
people face to face, especially in these situations.  My temper is quick, and
quick to get away from me--no excuse, simply an explanation.  For this I am
       However, I am not sorry for the feeling described in the note.  I was
offended that anyone would write such a thing about the Prince of Atlantia,
regardless of the personal feelings about that person.  And I was DEEPLY
offended by the anonymity of such a post.  Yes, Beonhard may have called for
civil war(did not read this post, so I don't know) and yes, Earl Daffyd has
questioned the conduct of the King (no dog in that fight as I did not get to
actually witness crown tourney), but both men signed their names--willingly
put reputations on the line to voice their concerns.
     You have admitted that you wronged His Highness by "false suggestion". 
That I applaud.  But you then go on to justify anonymous posting by saying
that it gave people the freedom to draw whatever inferences they would. You
then note surprise at the inferences drawn.  That, coming from someone who
later in the same post says that he wanted people to draw inference from his
work sounds to me like backpedaling.  Draw inferences, but not too wild, is
that it?
        I never said  making an apology is dishonorable--but an apology
followed by "boy did you take that wrong "(my words) puts the onus on others
for drawing wild references instead of getting the "real" meaning and
realizing no personal harm was intended.  I shouldn't have to read your mind
to know that you aren't being offensive, and I shouldn't have to be gracious
about an apology that suggests that I am in the wrong by reading too much into
what you say. Half an apology only gets forgotten, which is what I went on to
say that I, at least, intend to do. I would like to put the doggerel bad taste
behind me and get back to enjoyment of vicarious discussion(I do not have
access to this group directly). You are free to have your opinions, and I am
free to have mine.  If this post satisfies you, then let this be done,
especially between us.  I intend you no threat or harm, as others have implied
they might, and I abhor the thought of violence against your person.  Think me
ungracious and unkind, I am sure that you join good company.   
     One last thought on the whole issue...I have asked for this to be posted
with my name on it, so that none may accuse me of hiding my true feelings, or
my answers to you.  That publicity invites critcism, which I may not like, but
readily accept.  
Lady Stephania