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Auxillium et Concillium

Greetings to the Merry Rose. I just wanted to take this opportunity
to invite one and all to Auxillium et Concillium (War and Peace) at
King's Mountain this weekend. This event is sponsored by the
Guardians of the Sacred Stone.

The event is based around learning. On the martial side of the house
we will have a war college running all day. There will even be a small
tourney in the morning for early risers. This will be a training intensive
day with many situations and melee types being explored. There will
also be several classes taught for the Rapier warriors. This will be an
excellent opportunity to learn from some of the most prominent and
accomplished Knights and Tacticians in the south lands! I encourage
all warriors to attend and enjoy the teaching.

On more peaceful pursuits, we will also be having a collegium running
at the same time. Five classrooms will be running all day with teachers
in a wide variety of subjects including:
	Juggling (Beginner)
	Spanish Stitch (Beginning Blackwork)
	Repousse on Brass Foil
	Period Games
	Creating an Herb Garden
	Rapier Tract, 4 classes
	MOL Tract, 3 classes
	Creating Pinatas (for the children)
	Heraldic Banners
	Choral Rounds of the Middle Ages
	How to Make Atlantian legal Combat Arrows
	Beginning Middle Eastern Dance for Ladies
	Autocratting 101
	Arabic Percussion (Beginner)
	Needlelace (Beginner)
	How to Run an Archery Range
	How to Write Period Poetry
	Calligraphy (Beginner)
	Arabic Percussion (Advanced)
	The Care and Feeding of Royalty
	Period Leather Bottles
	Heraldry for Dummies

The cost for the weekend is $9.00, ($6.00 for daytrip). There will be a tavern
running to provide warm meals for a small fee. The site is Camp York at 
King's Mountain State Park and cabins hold 6-8 if floor space is utilized.

Reservations can be sent to Ld. Micheal Ryan of York (MKA Jack Helm) at
1013 Grovewood Dr., Charlotte, NC 28208. Any questions can be directed to me
via e-mail (jackhe@microsoft.com) or call me NLT 11:00 at (704) 399-3684.
Checks should be made out to "Guardians of the Sacred Stone, SCA Inc."

Hope to see you all there
Micheal Ryan