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RE: Will the Real Author Stand Up

One of my points for posting was to ask for fair and reasonable 
inferences which would be hurtful to individuals other then Prince Cuan.  
Michael Ryan of York has pointed one out which he feels is particularly bad.
> >Michael Ryan, where do you get the idea that this song questions or
> >insults Earl Dafydd?
> Actually The slander to this house was directed more at his lady than
> at Dafydd, and I correct my stance on that. 

As he has been less then specific, I am going to make a comprehensive 

	Countess Elizabeth, in the third verse of "Doggerel" I made 
	reference to you as being prideful, and of your pride being hurt at 
	having had your lord in finals three times but not winning.  I 
	suggested that you had specific plans made for what you would do on 
	the throne, and I directly quoted you and used your words describing 
	yourself as the bridesmaid rather then the bride.

Such amends as you require, I am ready to perform, as you were never 
meant to be taken as the subject of this work or to have your name or 
honour questioned in any way.

Leifr Johansson