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Atlantian OP online?

     Greetings from Caroline, in waterlogged Calontir. Is the Atlantian OP 
     online? We're having a conversation back here on the numbers of the 
     various orders (peerage and the track to get there), and I wanted to 
     compare the Calontir ones with those of a similar - sized, 
     similar-aged kingdom. Atlantia won.
     Thanks for any help you can provide!
     Looking forward to the Sack of Salerno in Calontir this weekend but 
     wishing I could be at Emerald Joust,
     (who doesn't even want to think about how a Golden Dolphin compares to 
     a Torse (the AoA level service award) or a Calon Cross (the GoA level 
     service award) -- I think it's closer to the Cross, but I'm not sure)