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Re: Kingdom money crunch?

> The other question is, why is revnue down?  Membership in the SCa has been
> rising fairly steadily, based on figures from corporate.  It should follow
> >from that that more people come to events, which should *increase* 
> revenues from royal events.  Have royal events been seeing adrop in
> attendance?  Has event planning not permitted a suitable profit to the
> kingdom?  Again, it is important to find answers to these questions.  

As a followup to this does anyone remember the attendance and the profits
and the price for the last five-ten years for the kingdom events. By 
computing the profit per attendee relation we should be able to calculate the 
efficiency of the events as fund raisers.  

ANYONE with data on this (check with the autocrats if anyone knows them) 
and send me the data I will compile and tabulate the data I recieve.
The data points do not have to be exact but within 25 people and 50$ 
profit will suffice.   

Once the data is tabulated it will be posted here and put in the virtual 
library with obtainable graphs.

in service

Eric Jon Campbell Sr Textile Engineering at 
NCSU (alias) Xavier Campbell amature blacksmith and brewer     
Virtual SCA Library                                                 
TAAS (Triangle Area Anime Society)